Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a premium user and you can’t access your premium features please follow the following steps:

1) First – let’s make sure your premium is not expired. Simply go to iPhones settings > ‘iTunes & App Stores’ > Tap on your Apple id on top > Tap on ‘View Apple ID’ > Tap on Subscriptions > Make sure your subscription is still active.

2) Restore Your Purchase: Launch App > Tap on Menu > Tap ‘Restore Purchases’

3) Can’t restore purchase? Contact us.

Tapped the Connect button on the Hotspot VPN app’s home screen, the app shows as if it is connected yet your device has no active VPN connection (You can tell your device is connected to a VPN by the ‘VPN’ title in it’s status bar)? Well.. you just got yourself a very rare bug experienced only by very few. Luckily it is very easy to troubleshoot. Simply tap here for more info –

Opened the Select Location screen of your Hotspot VPN app and all servers suddenly show the same default thumbnail instead of their country flags? Well.. you just got yourself a very rare bug experienced only by very few. Luckily it is very easy to troubleshoot.

Usually a simple restart will fix the small issue – close the Hotspot VPN app and kill it in the background, then open it once again. The screen should now show all server flags properly.

Still don’t see the server flags? Tap here for more information –

You have an active subscription (Hotspot VPN Premium membership) yet the app does not recognize it? There are a few possible reasons for why it might happen. First, make sure you have properly tried to restore your membership according to our short guide – How Do I Restore My Purchase?-

Using Hotspot VPN enables you to bypass restrictions and access country blocked and geo-blocked material, while on top of that, a VPN provides an additional layer of security with almost no performance reduction at all!

Simply tap here to learn how to bypass streaming providers easily with HotSpot VPN –

While Hotspot VPN provides you with the best, fastest most secure VPN servers in the world, 94% of the world’s VPN users don’t know how to use VPN services. That’s right. It’s a huge number and it is the main reason why most users get nearly half the performance and the benefit they should get.

First, choosing the best VPN server for you is crucial for good performance, so make sure to select the right server according to our guides. Simply tap here to learn how to resolve the issue –

Using VPN for social apps is very popular these days. Trying to prevent it, many app developers try to block VPN connections by limiting their performance. Hotspot VPN bypasses those app limitations easily using special servers with hidden and unblockable protocols specially developed to avoid this issue. Tap here to learn how to solve this issue easily –

Having a hard time accessing the internet once connected to the VPN? This usually happens as a result of a network issue or a VPN connectivity problem. 

Click here for full article with solutions for the problem –

Re-installing a VPN profile is fairly easy. Please follow the following steps:

  • Open the Settings app and tap the General button.
  • On the General menu – tap the Profiles button, then the Hotspot VPN profile.
  • At the bottom of the Profile screen

Don’t worry! We are here for you. Simply tap on the following link –

And easily identify your issue & solve it 🙂

All iOS in-app purchases are managed by Apple, this means the whole billing process of charging your credit card, approving your purchase and generating your invoice for it is being handled by Apple. And it is very easy to find. learn more here –

So you have received a coupon or a gift card that you want to use. It’s super easy!
Here is a shorter instruction on how to activate your coupon with 4 quick steps:

  • Open App Store and, under the Apps tab, scroll all the way down and tap the Redeem button.
  • Enter your coupon code in the Code field then tap Redeem (at the top right corner).
  • The App Store will now automatically identify the coupon you have entered along with all of it’s information
    (target application, coupon included benefit, etc…).
  • Now make sure to close the Hotspot VPN app and kill it in the background, then relaunch it.

You should now have the coupon benefit active. Enjoy!

First, choose the best Hotspot VPN Premium membership plan to suit your needs. You may find all of our premium membership plans under Which premium packs are available?, see what they each offer and choose the best one for you.

All memberships are handled and managed by Apple, which means you are required to have an Apple ID that includes a valid credit card (see how to setup payment method on your Apple ID). Purchasing a membership plan using your Apple ID is great for you – it means that Apple protects you and your payments for as long as you are a Hotspot VPN Premium member. click here to see our plans –

Hotspot VPN Premium is considered one of the best VPN products in world, with several cyber and tech awards won during 2017, 2018 and 2019. Hotspot VPN Premium members enjoy ultra fast VPN connection, unlimited bandwidth, tons of servers in a huge list of locations, 100% no in-app ads and full access to Hotspot VPN’s special streaming and unblockable servers.

In case you are considering one of the Hotspot VPN Premium membership plans –
please review our different offers and choose the one that fits you best according to your needs in the following link –

Every purchase you make on your iPhone or iPad is automatically being documented into your Apple ID. This means that as long as you keep the same Apple ID account as your device’s iCloud account, the membership (or any other perk) you have purchased remains active. In order to restore this membership, all you have to do is “reminding” the app you are using to restore your right for a membership from your Apple ID. And the way to do it is pretty easy – simply follow the following guide here –

Frequently Asked Questions

and easily restore your purchase.

The Hotspot VPN Premium service is considered as one of the top VPN services in the world, and for a good reason – Hotspot VPN Premium provides you with the best, most reliable and secured VPN thanks to it’s servers, protocols and mobile applications who are the best you can find these days.

Having a Hotspot VPN Premium membership means you can stay calm while we protect you. You can trust us with your logs, your data, your personal information and browsing history, none of which will ever be stored anywhere and while you are getting the best, fastest and most stable VPN experience out there.

First of all, good news – don’t worry! You have not been charged twice. Our In-App Purchases are managed by Apple. Apple’s billing system is extremely smart and is built to automatically prevent billing issues (such as double charging). The Apple billing system limits the users to purchasing each subscription pack only once per payment period, making it technically impossible for a user to double-purchase the same subscription pack twice.

However, even Apple (rarely) has bugs, so just to be sure – we recommend you to check your recent credit card charges and see whether for some reason it was charged twice. in that case- contact us directly through the app.

To change your location, please follow the following instructions:

  • Launch the Hotspot VPN app.
  • On the main screen – tap the Change location button.
  • On the new Select location screen – choose one of the servers located in a nearby country (to your current location).
  • You have now been automatically redirected to the main screen. Tap the Connect button.

Enjoy your VPN connection (:

We highly recommend you to read our short guide on Which server should I choose –

Our applications are constructed of different locations and server combinations. Each application uses slightly different protocols, providing better performance for different users based on their current location, network and network provider.

Among our tons of servers located all around the world, you will be able to find the servers in tons of locations. Click on the following article – to see the whole list of our VPN.

94% of the world’s VPN users don’t know how to use it. That’s right. It’s a huge number and it is the main reason why most users get nearly half the performance and the benefit they should get.

While we optimize the service regularly in order to make sure our users, even without being a tech expert, can use our VPN easily, there are still a few rules of thumb that can make your VPN performance much much better.

Click on the following link

And learn how to use VPN right and choose the best server for your needs!

The Hotspot VPN app is available for both iPhone and iPad and a Hotspot VPN Premium membership
can be used on both your devices easily.

Your Hotspot VPN Premium membership is linked to you Apple ID, so in order to use the same membership on more than one Apple device you own – start by making sure you are using the same Apple ID you have subscribed to the service with on both devices. Then, once both your devices are set with the same Apple ID follow 5 short steps.

Click on the following link for instructions:

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no such thing as a completely free VPN since maintaining a VPN service costs a lot of money. Found a VPN service suggesting a completely free model? It’s probably selling your data to pay for it’s expenses.

The flat truth is that free VPN’s are dangerous. They might and probably will share your data with 3rd parties in order to cover their costs. Furthermore, your data is most likely to be stored somewhere, and you get no guarantees that your data, surfing history and personal information will not be used or sold.

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