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Specialized server

Written by
Dwight Thomas
Hardware and Embedded Software Expert

automatic smart routing of users and data traffic to specialized servers built and optimized for providing you with the best user experience you have ever had.

Specialized server

Why choosing the right VPN server is so important? First of all, here’s a shocking figure – 94% of the world’s VPN users don’t know how to use it properly. That’s right! It’s a unbelievably  huge number and it is the main reason why most users get nearly half of the performance and the benefit they should get. Choosing the best VPN server for you is crucial for good performance, so make sure yo do it right. The good news – using VPN right is very simple and all you just need to do in order to do it right is to follow this very simple guide and you will be able to enjoy up to 2x better VPN performance.

Here are the big 4 tips for the ultimate VPN experience:

  1. First, choose a server located in a country nearby your current location (but obviously not the one you are at). For example: let’s say I’m currently located in Paris, then the best server for me will be located in one of the countries near France such as Germany or United Kingdom. In case I’m located in Dubai or New Delhi, then I should probably choose a server placed, for example, in Hong Kong. Connecting using a server in a nearby country is important since you now connect through this selected VPN server and the shorter the geographical distance – the faster and more stable your VPN connection will be.

  2. Also, each VPN server is being used by multiple users. Though not too often, a server may sometimes overload by having too many users who are using it at the exact same time, causing it to perform slower or having a hard time connecting. Especially for these overload incidents, we have placed tens of servers for each location. So, in case you are having a hard time connecting to the VPN server or maybe you experience a slow connection – simply try changing to another server within the same location. For example: In case I’m located in Germany, and the server France 1 is a bit slow – Simply switch to France 2 or France 3. This should increase your VPN connection speed and allow you to enjoy a bigger bandwidth since you are now using a less crowded server.

  3. Another indication for the server’s current speed and connection quality is the quality bars next to each location. Not all VPN providers provide you an indication for the server connection quality personally for your location and stats, however, on HotSpot VPN you can review the indication by bars placed next to the server so we will use it as reference for this blog. In HotSpot VPN’s case 1 bar – is bad quality, 2 bars – is fine quality and 3 bars – is great quality. Please note that the ‘quality’ of a server changes every few minutes due to the amount of users who are currently using it and other parameters that affect its performance, so for the perfect VPN session – make sure to check them before each connection.

  4. Now, in case you have selected a nearby location, tried changing between it’s different servers and you still experience connection problems or speed issues – It might mean that you are being blocked. In some places around the world, the government or ISPs (your mobile data provider for example) block certain contents or data transportation in order to have control of the information within it. In order to bypass these blocks and restrictions we recommend you using one of HotSpot VPN’s products, which include special servers that cannot be blocked!, Yes. that’s right. HotSpot VPN provides various locations with specially developed VPN protocol that simply cannot be blocked. You can identify these special protocol servers by the ‘thunder’ icon on their flag.

Hotspot VPN’s cutting edge technology, enables for automatic smart routing of users and data traffic to specialized servers built and optimized for providing you with the best user experience you have ever had. Through the last few years, our teams developed the unique technologies to automatically route streaming traffic to servers optimized for video streaming, gaming to servers optimized for games and intense gameplay, social media to servers optimized for social media, and so on. Our long developed smart routing enables for the ultimate performance and the perfect user experience. Connection to each of the servers is being established concurrently, and the routing is automated, so the user doesn’t have to reconnect manually to specific servers. The routing and it’s logic all happen in real time in the background, ensuring that the user’s browsing information is never visible and is not logged on Hotspot VPN’s servers. We do not keep logs of your online activities and do not associate the domains or applications you access while connected to Hotspot VPN, as well as your device, or your email.

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